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Through each activity, individuals are able to obtain and maintain different skills. The activities are coordinated & adapted to meet the specific needs of the individuals while providing experiences that will socially, physically and emotionally enhance their lives.
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The experiences offered include:

Independent Living
Housekeeping, dressing, hygiene, meal planning, food prep, and money management

Basketball, trampoline, exercise balls, treadmill, stair stepper, and bicycling

Gaming, sharing exercises, team projects, practicing manners, and building relationships

Visual Arts
Painting, pottery, art history, sculpture, knitting, sewing, scrap booking, and photography

Personal Growth
Self advocacy, safety, computer use, volunteerism, employment search, academics, and functional literacy

Musical Expression
Instruments, drum circle, karaoke, and chorus

Nature Awareness
Walks, gardening, bird watching, weather study, floral arranging, recycling, and therapy animals

Creative Movement
Dance, yoga, ribbon dance, musical exercise, xbox, and drama

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